Oregon State Fillable Forms

This is a form based product. Users should be familiar with reading IRS form instructions to complete a paper tax return.

Oregon State Fillable Forms
Oregon State Fillable Forms
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More About State Fillable Forms

These online forms are an electronic version of paper Oregon Department of Revenue tax forms. If you're used to doing your Oregon return using paper forms, State Fillable Forms will look familiar. Entering your information is just like filing in paper forms.

Here's how State Fillable Forms works:

  1. It's free, all you'll need is this year's completed federal tax return.
  2. Create a password-protected login so you can sign in and out of your return.
  3. Do the math using the provided calculation mechanism.
  4. Either e-file your return using the a 5-digit numeric signature pin, or print your return and mail it in.

Items to note:

  1. If you're looking for an interview-based program that will guide you in preparing your OR taxes, you can choose a product from one of many Oregon State Free File software providers.
  2. This program does not support prior year returns, part-year, non-resident or amended returns.